Is it all Greek to you?

Hello and thank you for visiting, the official website of the greek photographer Yannis Skoulas. Until the website is completely translated this note will give you a glance of the content of the website.


Under the title “Thematic Photography”, which is the first you meet on the Home Page, you will find eight projects that Yannis Skoulas has undertaken on a large scale. These are:

  1. Greek Stone Lighthouses. 139 stone lighthouses of the greek lighthouse network along with the lighthouse keepers’ houses are listed.
  2. Greek Rail Train Stations. All the rail train stations of the greek rail network have been photographed and listed. Special focus to stations built in 19th
  3. Archaeological Sites. At least 1000 archaeological sites, not particularly known, are listed from places all over Greece.
  4. The discovering, recording, shooting and mapping of all relics that have been left on the ground of the three successive Frontier Lines between the modern greek state and the Ottoman Empire (1832, 1881, 1897).
  5. Abandoned Cars on the greek countryside and elsewhere.
  6. Lakes of Greece.
  7. 17 years (1988-2005) constant shooting of the dance stage in Athens.
  8. 17 years of the jazz life in Athens with more than 200 jazzmen and bluesmen who gave concerts and played in clubs of Athens from 1988 to 2005. Almost half of these pictures are signed by the musicians.

Then come,

Travel themes

Yannis’ photographs and texts from his travels around the world, most of them published in press. This section will be enriched frequently.



This section has two subsections:

After this, come,


Various subjects and texts published by Yannis Skoulas or texts and reviews about him by other authors.

And at the end,


A section with his solo exhibitions and a section with his participation in group exhibitions.

Website’s content will be renewed frequently with new images. Sections of Travelling and Publications will be filled in too.

Enjoy yourselves!